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  Submission deadline: July 10     Welcome to FOAN 2016 - 6th International Work Shop on Fiber Optics in Access Networks.  
Acceptance notification: August 1     After the successful workshops in Moscow (2010), Budapest (2011), St. Petersburg (2012), Almaty(2013) and Brno (2015) this year we are in Lisbon, Portugal from 18th to 20th October.  
  Final Paper Sub. : August 26            
  Authors' Early Registration and Payment: August 26                

The primary goal of FOAN 2015 is to bring and present the latest research in the field of Fiber Optics Technologies for Access network. The idea behind the workshop is to create opportunity to learn new things by gathering scientists and experts from academies, industry and operators in this field that will during the workshop share their knowledge, experience, and ideas.

Invited Speaker        
Dr. Henri Hodara, Editor in Chef, Fiber and Integrated Optics, US          
  My forty-year adventure in the wonderful world of fiber optics            

As previously year we are collocated with International Congress on Ultra modern Telecommunication and Control Systems (ICUMT). ICUMT is an annual international congress providing an open forum for researchers, engineers, network planners and service providers targeted on newly emerging algorithms, systems, standards, services, and applications, bringing together leading international players in telecommunications, control systems, automation and robotics. The event is positioned as a major international annual congress for the presentation of original and fundamental research and engineering results.

Prof. Antonio Teixeira, University of Aveiro, Portugal    
      Co-located with
  The role of Photonic integration in PONS        
  Industry expert          
  Dr. Jonathan Ma, President & CEO of OpenCon Systems Inc     FOAN is an annual international workshop providing an open forum for academies, industry and operators in the field of Fiber Optics Technologies for Access network.    
  Network Virtualization and vOLT          
        Conference content will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases    
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